About Me

Unconventional Bliss

un·con·ven·tion·al (adj): Not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.
bliss (n): Perfect happiness; great joy.
Here you will witness my trials, tribulations, and wild (and not so wild) adventures. Whether it turns to utter disaster or results in mature growth will be up to your interpretation. Follow me on this wild journey that I call my life.

The person behind the blog

1. University of California, Davis graduate (Class of 2016) with a B.A. in Design (Visual Communication) and B.A. in Technocultural Studies.
Check out my design portfolio.

2. Was highly involved with the Filipinx American community at my university.

3. Discovered social justice and activism. And constantly learning.

4. Self-declared cinephile since my first year in college, but was always fascinated by films and animations since childhood.

5. Aesthetic moments in nature, as well as beautiful architecture, never cease to make me stop in my tracks to savor the beauty.

6. Born a bibliophile. Been holding onto books for dear life, as I get to dive into different worlds and lives through their wondrous pages.

7. Open to music suggestions. Email me your favorite songs, artists, albums, genres, etc!

8. In a relationship with the arts since I could hold a writing utensil.

9. Love perusing thrift stores, book stores, and random aisles in stores. I’ll stop randomly to stare at something that catches my eye.

10. Blessed for my higher education, opportunities to pursue my passions, loved ones in my life, and the valuable experiences I’ve had (and will continue to have) that allowed me to grow in more ways than anyone could ever know.