Let’s Be Friends

DSC_1844Collaboration can result in a product you would never think of reaching if worked on independently. Creative eyes outside of your own can help you see from a fresh new perspective, encouraging growth and movement forward from an otherwise stagnant, stale place of creation. In the summer of 2016 I was able to collaborate with a few fellow creatives who share similar interests in style, photography, and design. I asked them a few questions regarding these interests, as well as where we can find their future creative work. DSC_1993_smallDSC_1974_small1. How would you describe your style during Summer 2016? Any trends you were gravitating towards or influences you were drawing from?

Abby: My summer style was all about mixing in sporty wear into my everyday outfits! I’d find a way to switch up feminine pieces like a dress, or a sleeveless collared top and dress pants with sneakers, baseball caps, and varsity jackets or flannel button ups tied around the waist. It was all about adding a little extra comfort to whatever I wore.

Kenji: If I could describe my style it would be a mixture between elevated basics, comfort, and a touch of street. I was always into pinrolled pants and basic/ essential sneakers to compliment. Plus the heat made me drawn to lighter clothes and comfort.

Laurence: Minimal and Adidas is the best way to put it. I tend to stay that way.


2. This photoshoot took on the title “Let’s Be Friends”. How would you relate that title with the idea of collaboration and creativity?

A: I think it’s especially enriching and enjoyable for a friendship when you share similar interests! Being able to go out with friends who also enjoy fashion and enjoy photography is a seamless way to both build upon your hobbies and craft, and bask in the company of like-minded friends. And with sharing any craft with other people, they give you the opportunity to challenge your perspective, AND they hype you up when you’re trying something new that works. Definitely adds on to the fun of it all!

K: Let’s be friends was written on my homie Laurence’s tshirt so it only felt fitting. Its summer in Davis and we all need those friends that would be down to do spontaneous stuff like have a photoshoot. So let’s be friends.

L: The photoshoot title was inspired by a clothing line based in LA. The shirt I was wearing during the photoshoot is from a company called MONDAYSUCK. In relation to collaboration and creativity, both concepts work in duality especially when it comes to making an idea come to life. Creativity is essential since it’s the idea even if it’s merely a niche while collaboration is the process where these ideas can further expand through other creative minds. To summarize, creativity is a bunch of little niches in which collaboration can turn them into the next big thing.

DSC_1920_smallDSC_18403. What are you working on now? What do you hope to create next?

A: Right now, i’m laying low on social media bc of college and job applications LOL. but I will never let go of the “look good, feel good” lifestyle and i’m always on the lookout for ways to take risks and expand my makeup and my wardrobe! And lately I’ve been exercising my own eye for art by casually shooting around with my boyfriend during our adventures together.

K: I’m also working on building up my portfolio with more creative content from Youtube to Photography. I really like creating all types of content and thinking of themes to go with them.

L: I took a break from solo projects this past year to further understand what art and design meant to me as well as determine what I want to showcase to the world. I decided to go on more adventures and travel both familiar and unfamiliar areas. At the end of it all, I think I’ve found a niche. Through this process, I realized that I shouldn’t be afraid to go too far because there is inspiration literally everywhere. Because of this, I decided not to be tied down to a single medium, but rather a collective effort of different talents. Whether I wake up in and see the morning sun lighting up a succulent on a desk while the window shades are half open and thinking that it’d be a great photo to showcase the importance of light and life or thinking that it’d be a great video still for a short film. Maybe a few seconds after I think of an audio beat that would set the tone for the video still. My mind just works like in little niches like that. I guess I’m in the process of making all these little niches come together. Stay tuned.

DSC_2013_smallDSC_1899.jpg4. Where can we follow you for future work?

K: Instagram: @kenj_btn and Youtube: Art of Chill (my other website is in progress)

L: The best way to stay updated on any life work that I do, whether you think it’s creative or not is honestly my Instagram @lrncium


What I Wore

White off the shoulder blouse: Forever 21

Ripped high-waisted jeans: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: Forever 21

Scrunchie: H&M

White shoes: Topshop

Thank you again to my creative collaborators: Laurence P., Abby S., Kenji S.

If you would like to collaborate on a creative project, feel free to email your ideas at unconventionalbliss@gmail.com 

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