Product Review: Hask Exotic Oil Collection

A couple weeks ago, I was excited to receive a shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner from the Hask Exotic Oil Collection, in the scent Orchid & White Truffle. Its smell is a mature floral scent that I wish had an accompanying lotion or perfume. After about two weeks of trying the products out (shampoo every other day, conditioner everyday, and deep conditioner once a week), I am impressed by how it keeps my hair soft after showering and it air dries. According to Hask, the products arehaskorchid2_small“formulated with luxurious orchid extract sourced from Belgium and white truffle from the South of France, the collection drenches parched, overworked hair with strengthening proteins to re-balance and restore so you can say good-bye to dry!” haskorchid4_smallUsually after using shampoo and even conditioner, my hair looks dry when it air dries and only looks soft when I wake up the next day. However, with this collection, my hair looks noticeably softer once air dried. I’ve only used the deep conditioner twice, and I have not seen a noticeable difference than when I would use the regular conditioner. 

For more details about this collection and learn more, check out these links:

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