Product Review: Hask Hair Care

I just finished my huge bottle of Dove shampoo and conditioner, so it was perfect timing to receive this in the mail! Upon first opening the package, I was excited to see the products enclosed in a cute canvas tote bag. As a designer, I appreciate the thought put into packaging and presentation of products. I also appreciate the minimal package design of the products themselves and the choice of font (and subtle use of Greek patterns as a design element!) Alright, aside from the pleasing packaging, it’s time to give you the rundown of the products themselves.hask_2I received three products from Hask in their Greek Yogurt line in the scent “Fig & Honey”:

Dual Shampoo Formula

Dual Conditioner Formula

Hydrating Deep Conditioner

After two weeks of using the shampoo every other day and conditioner everyday (while replacing it with the hydrating deep conditioner twice each week), I am pleased with the outcome. I was very excited with the scent when I first used it. I avoid sickly sweet scents, but this fig and honey has a light sweet fruit scent that isn’t overbearing. The inner packaging is unique and relates to why these products are called “dual” shampoo and conditioner. The spouts have the typical hole for the middle white cream product, and there is an outer circle surrounding it for the fruity gel product, so when squeezed both products come out together. My hair has kept its softness, and since I shower in the evening, I wake up with volume. Personally, the deep conditioner is no different from the dual conditioner formula and seem very similar in consistency.

My sister also tried these products (she has waist-length, wavy, frizzy hair) and loved that they helped stop her dandruff, however she still has to search for the right product to condition her frizzy hair. She used the shampoo every three days and conditioner everyday, while using the deep conditioner once a week (but found it to be less conditioning than the dual conditioner formula). hask_3

After trying these out, I am quite interested in testing out these products in the other scents. Check out the links below to learn more about Hask and try the different scents out for yourself!


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