The Forrest of Nostalgia


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend a whole hot summer day photographing and exploring the city with a talented photographer friend. Tammie and I knew we both shared a passion for photography, but it wasn’t until the end of the school year that we finally scheduled a day to practice our hobby together! After some brainstorming, we decided on centralizing the day on childhood style and nostalgia.dsc_0641dsc_0652When I looked back on how I dressed in elementary school, I remember always reaching for skirts over pants. They usually were paired with a comfy tee with flowers or some cute graphic. I also remember owning some version of mary janes and had over-the-ankle socks to go with them. Pigtail braids were also a must while playing on monkey bars. Most of these style choices were brought back for this photoshoot, but I have to admit I also wanted to incorporate my new Bubba Gump cap and feature it with my treasured thrifted Bubba Gump t-shirt. I thought how could I justify that, and realized that the movie “Forrest Gump” centered around nostalgia and revisiting huge moments in history (I could delve more into analyzing one of my favorite movies and the various other themes threaded throughout the story, but I’ll save that for another time). So Forrest Gump got to make an appearance on the blog!dsc_0740dsc_0721I always love asking others how they started caring more about their style and what their style used to be like. It was great to learn about Tammie’s style journey and hear about why she chose what to wear for this photoshoot. Check out what Tammie and I had to say about our style and reminiscing about the past!

What was your favorite activity to do before the age of the Internet?

Isabel: As early as I could remember, I always loved drawing and reading. I distinctly remember rereading my three Dr. Seuss books out loud to practice, and using my picture books as references for my sketches.

Tammie:  I loved biking and roller skating. I also played a lot of soccer, so I guess anything that let me go outside. I was pretty active as a kid.

What was your favorite piece of clothing you wore in the 90s?

I didn’t really think about my clothes too much as a kid, but I do remember loving how I felt so mature when I put on a formal dress and dress shoes.

T: I loved wearing a lot of denim. I had a denim bucket hat I always wore when I played outside and denim bell bottom jeans because a lot of my friends wore them.

What are some looks or accessories that make you feel nostalgic about your childhood?

I: Things like pastel or bright colors bring me back to what I usually wore as a kid. Other things include scrunchies, pigtail braids, denim overalls, and cardigans.

T: Chokers have been an accessory that has been made me nostalgic of my childhood. I used to wear elastic chokers as a kid, and now that chokers have been making a come back, I feel very nostalgic when I see them. I also have been seeing scrunchie make a come back. When I see someone tie their hair with a scrunchie, it reminds me when I was in preschool because I used to tie my hair that way.

Where did you draw influence for your style as a kid or when you were in high school?

I: In elementary school I didn’t have much interest in fashion as I did in high school. As a teenager I discovered fashion blogs through my favorite users. I had a few favorites that I would check everyday if they had new posts, and was in awe by the unique mixing and matching of gorgeous pieces and patterns.

T:  I drew my influence mainly from the music I listened to and my peers. I wore a lot of my favorite band t-shirts and was very much into dark colors at the time in my first years of high school. Many of my friends at the time listened to the same music and dressed the same as the musicians in these bands, so I followed along.

Can you share a little about your outfit for this photoshoot? 

I: (described above)

T: The first outfit: Portrayed a little bit of my first years of highschool;  dark colors and ripped denim. Because of the summer, I wore ripped denied  shorts. I wore a lot of black/dark colors in high school, and it’s still a big color in my wardrobe that I like wearing. I added corgi socks to this outfit because I love wearing weird socks, and if I were back at school I knew I would probably wear this for people to remember me by. Lastly, i wore converse shoes because it was my favorite pair of shoes I wore. The second outfit: a pink feminine dress. I started wearing my dresses the beginning of years junior year of high school which was a really big step out of my comfort zone. I think during that time is when I started embracing my femininity.dsc_0686dsc_0692img_5358dsc_0761-1img_5388Thank you Tammie for taking the day to create with me and revisiting the past. Hope you all get inspired to draw from your own past style to incorporate into your outfits today. You may get something fun and interesting through experimentation and playing!dsc_0670What I Wore

Bubba Gump t-shirt: thrifted

Khaki skirt: Tommy Hilfiger (thrifted)

Shoes: Dr. Martens

Necklace: Forever 21

Hat: Bubba Gump store

July 20, 2016

Photographer: Tammie @tamarasdayumcamera



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