December 2016 Favorites

I wanted to share with you some things I’ve been gravitating towards repeatedly this past December!

LUSH Dream Cream

I actually received this lightly scented hand + body cream for Christmas from two people. Thank goodness, because I have come to love the rich hydration it provides to my skin, especially in this dry winter. The soothing oat milk, extra virgin olive oil, rose water, and cocoa butter help make my hands feel so soft and supple!  (Highly recommend going into your local LUSH store and asking for a sample of this or any product to test on your skin before purchasing).

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip

Don’t get me wrong, I still love liquid matte lip products, but for winter I wanted to go back to having supple and moisturized lips. I haven’t reached for lip gloss since high school and wanted to try this trend again, so I got two wearable lip colors for everyday. Finder’s Keepers is a gorgeous creme gloss in pink that I can swipe on for some quick color. Catalina is a more sheer gloss in an intimidating purple when seen in the tube, but when swiped onto my lips, leaves me with the most subtle lavender that can almost pass as light pink. They don’t have the staying power of liquid matte products, since I need to reapply the gloss about every three hours. However, Finder’s Keepers leaves a gorgeous natural pink stain when the gloss fades away.

American Apparel Circle Scarf

Because of their neutral colors, it’s so easy for me to throw onto my outfit almost everyday. What I also love is that they can transform into almost anything, such as a shawl when I want to wrap myself up or a blanket when I want to place it on my lap when I’m at work.

LUSH Dirty Styling Cream

A couple weeks I go I finally got the hair cut I’ve been thinking about for almost a year now (I guess you can call it a combover? Think “Ruby Rose”, who was actually my reference picture when I was at the barber)! I love the sleek, clean, sophisticated look of a styled combover so I had done research on different hair products. I got a sample of LUSH’s Dirty Styling Cream and instantly loved the scent, which is “spearmint, tarragon and a breath of fresh sea air“, according to LUSH. The creaminess is from the cocoa butter and it provides a matte look, exactly what I was looking for. It holds well into the second day and provides flexibility to tousle up hair throughout the day.

Kinzd Wallet

This summer I moved back from college and realized I had way to many things. I wanted to cut down, and my wallet was one of those items. I remember eyeing my dad’s credit card-sized wallet that slipped into his pocket, perfect for a quick trip to the mall or a quick errand. I strive to bring around what is necessary, because not only am I trying to simplify, but I’m also lazy! Sometimes going out to dinner with friends only requires me to bring along money, and this past month I have found how convenient it is to only carry a wallet.

Kehlani “Advice”

When I heard news of new music from Kehlani, I was excited because I love her previous album. The first time I heard this song, it hit home for me at the time. It’s such a beautiful song where you can hear bitter sweet sadness and pain over recollecting her past. For me, it was comforting to hear her articulate what I didn’t realize myself.

Tatiana Manois “B.O.M.O.”

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this new favorite, but it was one of those nights when I was clicking around Youtube. This song pairs quite perfectly with “Advice”, but has an uplifting, lively, and empowering attitude throughout. I love how Tatiana takes past hurt and creates a beautiful empowering mindset that we’re “better on our own” after all the mess that happened in the past. A huge mood booster for sure.

Bruno Mars 24K Magic album

When I first saw the music video for “24K Magic” I was drawn to the glitz, glam, and luxurious fun in the cinematography, costumes, and beats. As I listened to each song on Spotify, I couldn’t find one I didn’t like. The instruments, sounds, and melodies are reminiscent of songs from the 80s and 90s, adding to the nostalgia of the album.

Solange Knowles A Seat At The Table album

I discovered Solange a couple years ago and was an instant fan of her unique sound and well-designed, colorful music videos. I kept my eye out for when her new album would drop and when it finally did, I felt so strongly about the whole piece. The album articulates beautifully the struggles and beauty of the black community, especially in songs like “Don’t Touch My Hair” and clips that include her father discussing his experience as a child during a very different time for black children in school. Her music videos are also phenomenally well-thought out in design, from the color palette, to the outfits, to the props for each shot. The whole album is unapologetically about the black experience.

Salt, by Nayyirah Waheed

This is a beautiful book of poems with several themes on the black community and struggles of womxn of color. As a womxn of color myself, much of her words resonated strongly with me and were little reminders that we all need to work together to uplift the black community in order to uplift all people of color. For samples of her writing, you can follow her on Instagram @nayyirah.waheed

Silhouettes, Cigarettes, & Other Stories, by Alyson Sagala

This is another beautiful compilation of poems from another womxn of color. This was part of a fundraising campaign for Sagala’s work with Conscious Impact to help rebuild Nepal. You can follow her writing here.

*All products were purchased on my own. All opinions are my own.


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