Day to Night

img_0776-1It’s the start of the new year as I am writing this long overdue blog post from the summer of ’16. Maybe I’m painstakingly holding out on blog posts as sparingly as possible because I don’t have as many friends and collaborators to photoshoot with (or maybe I’m just the same procrastinator who puts off her hobbies too often, keeping these creative personal projects jumping inside my head). I’ll have to buckle down to organize all those ideas some time. Anyway, onto the part where I attempt to explain my outfit.img_0812-1This past summer I’ve been drawn to the combination of chic and casual, streetwear and all things office appropriate. I love how one can throw on a comfy worn in tee, a favorite pair of slouchy jeans, and a cap to hide undone hair and go from “Saturday errands” to “Saturday night out” by switching out sneakers to heels. You can add on a bold lip color and some accessories to kick it up a notch. I practiced this way of dressing when I was still in college because I didn’t always have time to go home to take the bus. There were days when I would have 3 classes back to back, a meeting, then an event right after. There was no time to change, so I would have to think about creating an outfit that could adapt and be appropriate for all occasions throughout the day. Then I would bring along an extra pair of shoes (but more realistically I wore shoes that would work for the whole day) and pop into my backpack a lipstick and some accessories. This practical way of styling myself challenged me creatively and was a great practice for a busy student like myself.img_0781-1img_0785-1

UBliss x Tiffachoi Collab | Look #3

Top: thrifted

Jeans: Hollister

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Hat: Adidas

June 10, 2016

Photographer: Tiffany Choi of


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