Do Designers Wear Designer Wear?

img_0820We finally have come to the end of the lookbook for the Unconventional Bliss x Tiffachoi Summer 2016 collaboration. I commend you for sticking it out this long! Your patience is much appreciated. How did we come to the conclusion of this theme? What is this theme? Is there even a theme? Why yes, yes there is.img_0836The birth of this four outfit lookbook started out as a conversation (refer back to Look #1) about the root of this collaboration: how our passion for fashion came to be. This tumbled into a whole string of tangents, such as how one would dress for an interview. And not just any general interview, but an interview for a graphic design position (as we were both finishing up our last week of school for our design degrees). Because different companies and studios all have unique work cultures and personalities, so there were all these questions: is this too formal? Too casual? Do I wear a button up or a blouse? Are heels acceptable and is a sweater okay or do I have to invest in a blazer? The main thing I’ve heard (and from my limited experience up to this point) is to dress plainly and “play it safe” with neutral colors and pieces. Observe those who are interviewing you and others at the work space. What are they wearing? Are they wearing jeans? Sneakers? Or looking spiffy with slacks and button ups? After the first interview you get a good idea of what you can wear once you get accepted to the position! For instance, at my current design internship, I wore black dress pants, a navy blue button up blouse, white sweater, and black ankle boots. When I arrived, I noticed it was a more casual vibe and came to learn after accepting the position, that jeans and a hoodie was more than acceptable as work wear. img_0849The outfit pictured above was my idea of an interview outfit without sacrificing style and comfort (but to be safer, switch out the heels with neutral flats and a dress blouse or button up). Black and white are always safe to gravitate towards for interview and work outfits. Other neutrals, such as beige, khaki, navy blue, and gray are also appropriate colors to wear when you aren’t sure what to wear to an interview or first day of work.img_0832Don’t get me wrong, I would love to live in a world where we could express ourselves 100% authentically through what we put on our bodies, but first impressions in this unpredictable world create a huge impact on how our potential employers and coworkers view us. I could go on about these thoughts of self-expression through clothing, but let’s save that for another rainy day.

Thank you Tiffany for saying yes to that night of fashion conversation and taking a chance on this collaboration with me! You always came to class with such eye-catching style and strong design work ❤ If you made it this far on Look #4 of this UBliss x Tiffachoi collab, I applaud your loyalty and appreciate your friendship. img_0860

UBliss x Tiffachoi Collab | Look #4

Top: thrifted

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Nordstrom Rack

Necklace: H&M

June 10, 2016

Photographer: Tiffany Choi of


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