Product Review: SGC Mascara

sgc4After getting the chance to review several Studio Gear Cosmetics products in the past and enjoying almost everything I received, I was excited to play with their mascara and gel liner. As someone who has fairly thick lashes (shoutout to those with extra body hair), I don’t need anything fancy in my mascara. As long as it doesn’t clump or irritate my eyes I won’t complain. Because the Studio Gear Impactfull Pro T.L.S. Mascara is not waterproof, it cleans off very easily (which was something I forgot happens with non-waterproof mascara, as I always stick with waterproof products). img_6254For me, what constitutes good mascara is one that does not clump my lashes, does not cause irritation to my eyes, and can lengthen and/or darken my lashes to look subtley darker. On me, the mascara successfully keeps my lashes separated and does not clump (in these images I did not dip the mascara wand back into the tube for a second coating). They make a great everyday, simple look if you want to add just a little somethin’  to your eyes (in these images I wore the mascara for about 4 hours and it did not smear down my lower lashline, which is my usual problem, so bonus points for that!) img_6267img_6255img_6263I’ve had an on and off relationship with gel liner but haven’t been completely opposed to it. I just haven’t had the patience to perfect a winged gel liner look (or any kind of eye liner lately due to laziness). However, I think a brown eyeliners i more forgiving (at least for me), since it doesn’t seem as overwhelmingly intimidating as a stark black line on my eye. With a brown, I can simply line my eye without a wing for a more everyday, light look. I can also see potential for it to be smudged out into my eyeshadow for a neutral smoky look. (And possibly used to fill in my brows? Hm, maybe). In the above image, the line on the left is after swiping the Studio Gear Cosmetics #31 brush into the gel liner a few times and swiping my hand once. The line on the right is going over the line three times. It goes on smoothly onto the eye and I am digging the chocolate brown on my lids. I think I found a new makeup trend to play with. sgc2sgc3

Below: no mascara or eyelinersgc5

Below: with mascara and eyelinersgc1

Visit Studio Gear Cosmetics to learn more about the Impactfull Pro T.L.S. Mascara (black), Invincible Gel Liner in Earth (Brown), and the #31 Invincible Liner Brush.

Note: Sponsored by Brandbacker


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